Vehicle port traffic management​ solutions

Optimise vehicle port traffic flow and increase throughput with TrafficFlow

TrafficFlow is a vehicle and logistics facility management solution that coordinates heavy traffic flow environments where space is at a premium and managing dispatch is critical. This is of particular importance to port operations as congestion can often be a limiting factor on growth. Our solution provides a cost effective alternative to road infrastructure development.

Industry-leading products and solutions

Terminal Operators

TrafficFlow creates a more efficient transport network for terminal operators, improving efficiencies and greatly decreasing turnaround times.

Port Authorities

TrafficFlow offers enhanced control for port authorities, centralising coordination and providing meaningful real-time visibility.


TrafficFlow provides its consultancy services to both Port Authorities and Terminal Operators alike.

TrafficFlow - transforming the port of Dakar, Senegal

Working in tandem with the port authority of Dakar and terminal operator stakeholders.


Planning and Development

A bespoke, scalable and reliable system to control your access gates, from an isolated small-scale environment to large interconnected platforms spanning multiple agencies.


Decrease turnaround time, increase gross moves per hour, decrease costs. Streamlined operations of your access gates to ensure smoother overall facility management.


We provide long-lasting platforms which bring a significant return on investment, with immediate results. We continuously develop our systems, benefitting you every day.

“If your organisation would like to benefit from the advances we have made in vehicle port traffic management please get in touch today. We will arrange a personalised demonstration of our platform at your convenience.”

Jim Moore, CEO

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Working in tandem with the port authority of Dakar and terminal operator stakeholders.